Second Helping

A True Lynyrd Skynyrd experience

There’s never ever been another band that is the equal to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s been more than 40 years, and their music is still played on the radio daily. Shows from the Ronnie Van Zant era are iconic, legendary and to this very day held dear to fans far and wide and thanks to Second Helping, you can relive a Lynyrd Skynyrd show like it was the mid-1970s all over again. They play all the classics like Gimme Three Steps, Sweet Home Alabama, Whats Your Name, Saturday Night Special and of course Free Bird. As well as deep tracks for the true diehard Skynyrd fans. Playing Bike Week's, Beach Venue's, Sold Out Festivals, and large outdoor shows this band is a full blown Lynyrd Skynyrd Experience, complete with Southern Rock frontman, Joshua Saussaman, Lead Guitar Zach Beers, Bass Bryan Sentz, Rythmn Guitar James, and Ol' Uncle Bill on Drums. It's the perfect match for beach crowds seeking that sweet sound of southern rock whether its to sing along or dance the night away, Second Helping brings the party and packs a powerful show! If you have crowd that loves to feel the incredible feelings tha1t Lynyrd Skynyrd music invokes in your heart and soul, book your great country's premier Lynyrd Skynyrd experience, Second Helping today!