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Buckskin Whiskey is an Original Southern Rock Band based just North of the Mason Dixon with lots of southern roots. Founded by Lead Vocalist, Joshua Saussaman and childhood friend Bryan Sentz. Once the pair found Zach Beers to take over on lead guitar, they've been Flirtin' with Disaster ever since. The first year together they managed to release a five song EP, including the Powerhouse single "Roll ON' and toured down the east coast including stops in Spartanburg, SC and out to the Midwest with stops in Indianapolis, IN and Youngstown, OH. Unfortunately, going into the 3rd year the band faced some challenges that forced to shake up the lineup which gave the trio the oppurtunity to focus on the future of not only their band's sound, but the future of Southern Rock n Roll as well...

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While working in the studio almost 40 hrs one week to get the " 65 n Climbin' "

album started and not missing one show due to lack of a line up, they manged to find their new drummer, Bill Phillipy who brought over 30 years touring and studio expierence with bands like Eternal Winter, a power metal band outside of DC. Lastly the second guitar James stopped out for an audition and by accepting the offer from the band he also brought lots of touring experience playing various clubs on the east coast. 

Going in to 2022 with not a only a breath of fresh air but a full length album to promote as well. The boys have a busy schedule this summer with dates in Woodstock,VA, Cecil Co , MD, Phillipsburg, PA, and Ocean City, MD!! 

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